, , padding: 0 0 10px 0; var avia_framework_globals = avia_framework_globals || {}; It does not scroll properly if I were to use my finger and scroll in the middle. Then you just share or record your screen with Zoom, QuickTime, or any other app. This attribute specifies the height of The topic ‘How to display a full website in an iframe without scroll bars’ is closed to new replies.
, Theme: Enfold However, you’ll notice that our iframe includes width and height attributes. http://codex.wordpress.org/Page_Templates. url(‘http://www.abundantforever.com/wp1/wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-template-builder/assets/fonts/entypo-fontello.ttf?v=3’) format(‘truetype’), It workS if I use my finger and scroll on the side of the iPad or iPhone. "name": "iFrame height to content with no scroll bars" only screen and (min-resolution: 192dpi) { Does anyone have an example of how to automatically scroll the page inside an IFrame? Note: You will need to include the jQuery library for this code to work. I have looked at your suggestion and also tried so many other things. Syntax The iFrame pulls up a PHP page that is dynamically linked to a database.
This thread is locked. Each tab has a different view or data. Although still supported in all major browsers, the scrolling attribute has largely been eclipsed by the CSS overflow, overflow-x, and overflow-y CSS properties. User to be able to scroll vertically to see all content in iframe. This attribute controls the appearance of the scrollbars that appear on the frame. You can hide or remove scroller and also border from iframe. The page does then scroll to the top of the iframe and not of the page. Or will that be a lot of programming? any help is … color:Crimson; That is, unless you remove the scrollbars. What I want to do is to have an iFrame that covers the entire viewport, with no scrollbars, without setting overflow: hidden on the body. Tip: Use CSS to style the