Do you have any other information about the origin of this last name?Thanks, Grace. I need to know asap. Hi. There were a lot of French and Walloon protestant refugees in the Netherlands in the 17th century. cheers. De Jong (86,534 in 2007) De … Perhaps after the Hugenot persecutions some emigrated to Dutch Reformed Holland, and became "Guisberts"I was at a RV rental place in Denver and the girl at the counter excitedly greeted me, thinking I was Dutch. The origin may have been a farm with the same name, where your ancestors once lived. Variant spellings include Prinzloo and Prinslo. This is known as the civil status. Laura. But I don't know if any of them belonged to your ancestors, you'll have to do some research to find out. descended from woodcutters (, Berkenbosch- birch wood, a grove of birch trees, Boogaard – from the orchard, Americanised as, Boor, van der – possibly of the same French root as Boer – farmer or simple person; ", Boswel, – surname originating from Scotland, Buskirk, van – literally "bush church", or "church in the woods", Dijkgraaf  - earl of the dike: the one in charge of maintenance, Hendriks, Hendriksen, Hendrix – Henry's son. I have traced it back to Benjamin Stivers born 1760ish &turned to Stevers with his son Isaac born 1791 married to Olive Murray living in Whitehall NY. Hi Sandy,I can't find anything about the origin of the name Barkema. my opa says that hoven is an open area or something and pot is pot, but this doesn't seem to help. More than 5% of the people in the Netherlands had one of these ten last names. Prinsloo is an Afrikaans surname. I don't know which place, though. Over a period of more than three quarters of a century they relocated to and settled at the Cape of Good Hope, although the majority did emigrate there during the two year period. Kamps I found first in 1724, when Jan Kamps was buried. In 1991 he published "Free African Americans of North Carolina and Virginia", a giant compilation of court, tax, and land records of colonial era families. Stolkmay be a shortened form of Stolwijk, which is a Dutch village in the province Zuid-Holland. But your name probably means "from [the town] As", or "from [the town] Asch". Some of my Dutch surnames are:Van OblinisCorsiCrayVan Campen/KammpenCorszenChristiaensSimonsVan Garden, You have Van Kampen ancestors, Cheryle? Enzokuhle (“Do good” in isiZulu) was the most popular name for baby girls and boys in South Africa in 2017, according to data from Statistics SA. I'm wondering if you know what the meaning of the surname, van der Wel.Thanks so much. @Lourens I am from the Netherlands and Lourens is a common Dutch name meaning son of Lourens. I'm replying back to the person with the name William Kisner and his daughter Catherine. The names Kamps and Camps were probably used interchangeably at the time. Thanks for any help.Gerry. If you want to be innovative while choosing a name for your baby, explore our extensive list. Stolk may be a shortened form of Stolwijk, which is a Dutch village in the province Zuid-Holland.See Stolk, Stolker and Stolwijk in the Dutch surname database (in Dutch). I need to know the meaning of Stolk. I am trying to find the meaning of the Buckner surname,which I hear that it is Dutch! Beltman is a Dutch name, from the eastern part of The Netherlands (provinces Overijssel and Gelderland). And since it seems they didnt like to use surnames before the enactment from Napolean, how difficult is it traced back ancestry beyond that? Thoughts? Another reason for this methodology is that it makes finding someone's name in a database relatively easy, since most Dutch prepositions start with the same letter (and thus if the prepositions led, there would be constant superfluous data entry to arrive at the desired name). Three brothers settled in Swellandam from Holland in the early 19th century. Meanings are provided where known. From a surname which comes from either of the Old English place names Eaddingtūn, meaning " EADDA 's town", or Æddingtūn, " Æddi 's town". Thanks. I'm trying to figure out how Dutch names work, especially back in the late 1700's and earlier. When South Africa was settled by the Dutch in the 16th and 17th centuries, they transplanted their Dutch Reformed theology into the African continent. hi does anyone know if the name albertous coorey is dutch and if so what would be the proper spelling,know albertous was called peter in uk. Her last name was Keaton. I think Van Meveren comes from Van Mever.The name Van Mever was found in the village Noordeloos and the surrounding area (including first names you have in your tree, like Ruth, Aart and Pieter).Example: Pieter van Mever, son of Aart van Mever, married Neeltje van den Berg in 1821 in Noordeloos. Thanks for any info,Laura Updike/Stevers ,Isaac's gggranddaughter. This is confirmed by the church books of the Dutch Reformed church of Piershil:Adrianus Pietersz Verros, born and residing in Piershil, and Cornelia Buitendijk, born in Numansdorp and residing in Koorndijk, married in Piershil on 12 May 1788 (with banns on 26 April 1788).Children: Maria (baptized 7 September 1788), Cornelia (25 April 1790), Pietertje (8 January 1792), Willempje (14 July 1793), Willem (20 September 1795) and Jannetje (19 December 1798).Source: Church books of Piershil.So, it seems that Teunis Verros was his real name (though the name Verros probably died out here in the Netherlands), and he was not catholic but protestant (Dutch Reformed).I consulted scans of the birth certificate and church books on the website. 25,000 elsewhere (most numerous in South Africa). Me too;-). Hi Henk,My Mother is 100% Dutch and her maiden name is Kamps. The name Hilbelink was mostly found in and around the village Aalten, prov. This random sampling of Dutch surnames is sorted by surname, with the tussenvoegsel following the name after a comma. Battle’s line then south 70 poles to a black gum on the south side of Folks Branch then south 50 east 20 poles to a black gum on said branch then south 6 west 40 poles to a. The meaning of Nouwels I can't find either. Militia during the War. I have the same descendents but I thought Catherine was William's wife. HiMy maiden name was de Vroome and I know that it was my great great grandad who moved from Holland to England in the late 19th Century.I would love to know the origin of the name. His father immigrated to canada from holland. The top surnames in … Kamps means son of Kamp, where Kamp is a given name) or toponymic (i.e. They stayed for nearly one year and were rescued by a fleet of 12 ships under the command of W.G. This type of question always reminds me of my cousin, one James Ackhurst - you don’t get a more English sounding name, do you? Paul. Plus it's a coastal region so I'm sure there have been tons of ethnic groups flooding in and out of region that is the Netherlands. the family is named after a place - maybe there was a farm with the name Kamps).I doubt there is a connection with Italy.The oldest Camps I found in Drenthe's church books is Willem Jans Camps, who married in 1671. The name Kamps is common in the eastern provinces in The Netherlands, especially in the province Drenthe. The Jacobs in South Africa are mainly of Dutch origin. Afrikaans was declared an official tongue of South Africa besides English in 1925. My last name is Hougaboom. The DOB matches (2/25/1815) but that is where I hit the end of the road. The third factor is that in spite of, or because of their assimilation, the Huguenots have contributed greatly to the creation of the Afrikaner … A complete surnames list (original spellings) of Huguenots who emigrated to the Cape and have descendants in South Africa, appears in the column at left. I don't think your ancestor was a prince. Any direction to obtain the image of coat of arms would be really helpful, thank you. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Most things seem to turn up virtually nothing. The ten most popular surnames in the Netherlands in 2007 were De Jong, Jansen, De Vries, Van den Berg, Van Dijk, Bakker, Janssen, Visser, Smit and Meijer. These are Dutch-originated names, Dutch surnames that found their way in the 17th century to New York and to South Africa. The Dutch settlement history in South Africa began in March 1647 with the shipwreck of the Dutch ship Nieuwe Haarlem. Keaton is an English name, not Dutch. All in all i think it will be interesting to get my Y-DNA results just to see how it plays out. Pete's ancestor Krijn Dijkgraaf already used a surname in 1620. might anybody have an idea as to the etymology of the surname "Pothoven"?