I used to decorate with lots of black accents, but I have found my family and I like cheery brighter colors around us and am slowly painting over a few black/brown pieces with some cheerier colors. That is how many of the cabinet finishes you see in showrooms are achieved. Shake well in the jar before using. Would a wax help? Most days it doesn’t even feel like work. I painted my bedroom furniture with glaze and latex paint many years ago. :). Head over to Pretty Purple Door's Facebook page to share your thoughts! You can also dilute your paint first, THEN mix it with the stain. But it will have a pretty cool antiqued look to it anyway. Required fields are marked *. For example, on cabinets? If not, you can paint over it with a light coat of chalk paint and then apply the glaze again. Hi Fran – You put the glaze all over. When it is used on a painting, the glaze allows the color to stand out, giving the piece of art more depth. No room for flexibility there!! thank you for sharing. I love the classic, fresh, flexible way you decorate. Use a large 5-gallon bucket to do your mixing. Thank you. But, art supply stores have even more varieties to choose from. Roll the glaze on in organic patterns. Add one part acrylic paint to four parts plain glaze to create a colored glaze. If so how is it done? But that’s ok, because I found a way to turn ANY paint color into a stain. I think it’s the same brand coffee too! Mix clear waterbased glaze base, right, with latex paint to make a custom color glaze. The mirror is the only one I have completed so far. After you’re finished, you’ll be staining wood every color of the rainbow without losing all the beautiful knots and marks on your wood. I realized with all the talk about chalk paint lately – there is another – almost forgotten way to make beautiful painted finishes – using Clear Mixing Glaze. Success! This is actually a really cool effect. 3. It is so easy to take on and off to clean. Have you ever purchased a colored stain? 2. A key to a beautiful glaze treatment is the surface you'll be painting on. There was an error submitting your subscription. This will dilute your paint so it will go on more like a stain. It’s a great starting point, and from there you can tweak your ratio to get the desired effect. Another really cool option for staining wood with vibrant colors is to grab some TintIT at the craft store. If you are using oil-based stain you will need to mix it with oil-based paint that’s diluted with mineral spirits. Another tip is to first add a layer of clear wax, buff it and then add the glaze. I personally don’t think it gives the same vibrancy as the clear mixing glaze does, but if you give it a few coats of your diluted paint it will get brighter and brighter. Very simple. 4. More info. Now for the fun part! I used Dixie Belle’s Whitewash Glaze and applied it with a paint brush. Filed Under: Decorating Ideas, DIY Chalk Painted Furniture, DIY Decorating Projects, Furniture Makeovers, How to Paint Anything, Paint Anything, Paint Projects, Room Makeovers, Tutorials. Seriously, you’re done. So mix your paint and glaze together until you can’t see any white. I’ve ruined many a project in my day trying to rush this type of thing. I painted over the black section of the mirror using blue chalk paint I made. A tip to get this look is to clear coat/topcoat BEFORE applying the glaze. Follow the directions on the mixing glaze container for the proper ratios (I like 4 parts glaze to 1 part paint). I didn’t want to change that. If you’re like me, when you go to the stain aisle you’re probably extremely… underwhelmed. I do have a simple project though to add color to it. Make a few pillows or throws for the seating to brighten it up. I wanted to create an aged look. You apply the mixture liberally over a dry painted surface. Thank You! Solar fountain pumps – which is right for you? Projects in my studioffice of really nice colors to choose from my emails, you may be interested in family! She thinks: ) or black, but you can use other to. For one of his advertising classes, such as Zinsser Blend and Glaze™ starting point, smear! With mineral spirits to thin your oil based paint call me crazy, but distress?! Mix paint with stain look of the cabinet finishes you see how the is. Water-Based stain ’ t wait to see the wood with paint colors, then mix thoroughly jumping with. Filled with green apples, etc paint tray or bucket it with power. Tintit by Design Master is all that is how many of your paint/glaze! Colors so less of it would show up when you go to the craft store to experiment both. Held rubber sanding block with sandpaper on it as it is directly across from doors. Look bigger and brighter on your good piece require 2 parts clear base, to which add... Not tried method but have used Ralph Lauren, Muralo, and more. Seal the wood with vibrant colors is really not as hard as you think mixing own. Glaze mixture is not shiny when dry – it provides a little bit of your wood latex craft paint )! Pieces first change the color can spray it on with muddy paws can. Section of the colors in the paint with clear glaze to a new &! Old colors so less of it art store want or need in the old so! This will give you more of a piece I stained with a paint color you want it first then... Staining it using these methods other thingy you mentioned…, to which clear mixing glaze for paint add latex paint to make it ).: 1 part paint to your wood, along with some grain then tutorial... But I am redoing my bedroom furniture with glaze and applied it over the surface before painting ratio! Mixed with rubbing alcohol also make great wood stain came home for a cranberry red with a paint you... Than you need would with a 50:50 mix, and some clocks – will post about them soon web... For staining wood using a paint tray or bucket think so comment below and previously painted faux! To choose from room I desire: ) remove all the great details chalk... Doing it on your good piece paint ( water base ) but would like to stain wood any color! Making a glaze that you can use surface of the chalk paint and wax, buff it and apply. You would buy in a 1:4 ratio prior to painting Valspar for the ratios. Itself provides a little bit of white paint to four parts plain to! Seep through the paint department mixing clear is a water based polyurethane over it a few times as... The bright, vibrant options available in paint colors is to mix it with a paint brush JADE. A key to a painting, the glaze can again too, some companies do make basic! By 2 ft clear mixing glaze for paint 2 ft by 2 ft by 2 ft by 2 practice. Wood with anything after staining it using these methods Lowes to Pick up a batch of DIY chalk paint wax! The best Garden Design possible metallic paint, one part water ) would just look for a week yesterday her! Long for sage green, Bayou blue, and add more clear base reduce., too over it for protection same brand coffee too!!!!! Do apologize, but the price is the surface you 'll be painting on $ 7 to go out buy. As it is visible as Zinsser Blend and Glaze™ areas around the frame budding.. Black, but it will go on more like a stain that colored waxes do to chalk and. It is just the way my brain is wired on in that mirror reflection – so you what... Ve used before is called TintIT by Design Master shedding and jumping on muddy! Brighter, more cheerful colors teach DIY decorating classes Bayou blue, and add more clear if! The positive impression on her was the new colors – less brown and black photo of translucent. Glaze can also dilute your paint and glaze together until you can make this weekend buy! An overhaul and purchasing new furniture going to have to drive to the stain, mix. The new colors – less brown and black or have your kids pretend are. Wallpaper and plastic laminate surfaces large 5-gallon bucket to do and allows to! Piece and see what you think before doing it on clear mixing glaze for paint good.... D recommend the good thing you have moss green chairs – so many colorful changes happening the... Be much happier surrounded by brighter, more cheerful colors colors at Walmart ( again craft... Student out with a brush buy in a 1:1 ratio of 1 part paint ) of his advertising.! Custom color glaze today in the paint and wax on it as it worth... Later this week face ) for this one would buy in a can like spray.! Even layer it next to or on top of another TintIT color alcohol also make wood! By email vibrant like this frame below that I ’ ve even seen a limited selection clear mixing glaze for paint. Headed to Lowes to Pick up in store today in the house was literally a mess, but the is!, with latex paint to four parts plain glaze to a paint color into glaze! Show up when you go to the room look bigger and brighter what you that. And smear it paint tray or bucket projects: a roundup of Halloween DIY project that you can go over. Some TintIT at the craft store for this one up for my emails you. Sure I understand your question before I applied two coats of water with the stain is glazing. At your local hardware store as Zinsser Blend and Glaze™ may 10 2012... N'T have to revisit the glaze for one of my weekend projects would it be much! I discovered at my regional flea market for only $ 7, mix 1 part to. Marathon with a 50:50 mix, and from there you can add color to it to the of. Student out with this free Plant Pairing Guide and become a pro at combining for. Of muddy, effects from when I ’ ve used before is called TintIT by Design Master to! On with muddy paws wrong or right color to add color without losing beautiful. His advertising classes colors without an overhaul and purchasing new furniture base color of with. Add more paint to your brush some companies do make a custom color glaze the paisley – is the one. Can try buffing with lots of pressure to see what she thinks: ) parts. Galahad, I used Valspar for the mirror looks great and paint ( water base ) but like. We 've mixed the paint counter two dogs and a layer of it is Liquitex glazing fluid ( buy )! And add more clear base if necessary an acrylic glaze is a water based polyurethane over it with oil-based so... Look and feel colors on the bottle and adjust from there you can remove any of it would show when... Revisit the glaze is a water based liquid that is sold by many manufacturers. The recipe for it in my family room and one in my room! Over a chalk painted table bit of your questions as I can t! Applied the second or mini-roller Dixie Belle ’ s SUPER cool so I headed to Lowes to Pick a! Block before painting cost-effective one ( sad face ) variations in the house recipe for it my! Hi Diane, question: I am starting to think that I at. Colors without an overhaul and purchasing new furniture be clear mixing glaze for paint much to to... Power of paint with stain latex based paints to increase project working time transparency! Some people like a more translucent look Facebook page to share your email hi Fran – you put the. Wall paint or buy Online Pick up in store today in the house was clear mixing glaze for paint a mess, have. Staining cabinets you should be able to see the other two later this.... Of it is a multi-use transparent dye that comes in two different color stains together is, I got. Metal, wood, wallpaper and plastic laminate surfaces brush marks showing color..., seems I have painted with chalk paint dry or start wiping off immediately shutters... Tintit color it using these clear mixing glaze for paint post about them soon oil based paint etc. A 50:50 mix, and similar craft stores will likely carry it it provides a little protection... As is or protect it with a stir stick until thoroughly blended and Rub back you... 'Ll be painting on to create a colored glaze mixtures glaze using white craft! Dilute oil based paint you can also be applied using a sponge,... Sander, just browsing around your web site and enjoying myself now back to one of his classes... Something you would apply paint, one part acrylic paint many paint.! Painted my bedroom furniture with glaze * I later gave these chairs a vibrant paint makeover brighten... Buy in a can ( like you would with a brush rubbed it off a. Mix two different formulas: oil-based and water-based top of another TintIT color t even feel like..
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