you’re able to use decrease agi to annoy other people You will have 4 points left over at job level 70, and the skills that were optional as a priest depending on your needs are still optional as a high priest. hi mibu. HEAL is the primary skill, Bacsojin Card would be a great item. You are just a lazy bums that play in very very (boring) high server rate. Re: Guia para Priest [FULL SUPPORT] :D Respuesta #1 en: 04 de Octubre de 2007, 22:01 Yo cambiaria el crown por un frigg circlet, la armadura por un odin bless, un valk shield, y en vez de una eggyra unas vidar boots, y ya si te pones un valis manteau te va a dar bastante set de equipo. STATUS BUILD. It works best if you suffragium and then lex a instead of the other way around because suffra has less delay. I wouldn’t play in very high server rate just because not to meet you!!!!!! Pneuma the wizard as it is icewalling, and pneuma anyone that goes near the icewall. The drawback of this version is a lower TU chance. Also, if you are at job level 50 when you started the priest quest, you will get a Bible[2] from him. I believe, hybrid priest still have the same build with the other build. Kill a few low level monster near Prontera and then do the acolyte job change quest in the Prontera Church. They also have the bonus of being the easiest class to level when fully geared. The cons of this build is that you have a really low casting speed and other Priest will probably say “Lol ! **** Bring healing items for both hp and sp, but you don’t have to go over 50% if you don’t want to. High Priest Thekal is an Elite NPC. To better understand the dynamics of a high priest, and therefore not make demands prior to understanding its play, will be doing the same for HW as well. Killing Anubis. If you or the sage/prof can’t handle this yet, mob seals and kill them with thunderstorm; they should die to one hit with high int and lex a. From here, I am going to outline my path as I leveled my TU Priest (using the TU/FS Hybrid build). For novice, just run through the training ground, get the levels and pots, and then directly access ragnarok. They are also able to dish out good amounts of damage using Holy Light when buffed with the Priest Spirit. If you are a priest and you use Heal in WoE you suck. Similar to the Acolyte Job Change … The only down side is the blue gemies cost, but I’ve leveled this way and the drops tend to finance it pretty well. Pneuma if you’re fighting snipers/creators, but when fighting snipers it’s also beneficial to keep moving and not stand in one spot like a retard when they start moving in close, because with traps they can completely throw you off your game if they’re good. PLZ, there are a few paragraphs where I talked about this in this guide, different garments with ele resists, if you can get it a gr valk armor (but on most low rates those will go to other people that get better use out of them, unless you found/bought it yourself and you’re selfish), you should also get ele armors to swap to (fire, wind are the main ones… don’t use water for breaking a good precast because meteor damage is much better than sg even if you’re taking double damage from the sg). We will be listing three standard builds: one for Discipline, one for Holy and one for Shadow in PvP, each with talents that can be swapped depending on your playstyle or the type of PvP you are participating in. Use Aspersio especially on anything hitting the emp! High Priest Skill Description - RO Mobile Eternal Love. Also, berserk LKs can’t change property if you aspersio them since they can’t remove equips or use items while berserked. Its not about what you like or dont like, Mibu, Its about informing other people of the other options they can use, If they have diablo gears, then they probably should be a full INT build, and being the main Healer and laying down ME’s around (not on) the emp Also, as soon as the skill casts, you are able to use a fly wing, and the monsters will stay in the ME after you’re gone, so feel free to do that if you don’t have enough defense or hp to survive tanking the mob. : -Be prepared to pot during Global Cooldowns 30 str is needed for attack,... Endow/Use wind converters or mistress card? Two priests mobbing Rachel Sanctuary 3 also have the of. Then directly access ragnarok a wizard alone, most likely you will be mobbing for them somewhere modified 18! It medium-low hp or less removed, so try not to do that is if your level... Father Thomas and he will reward you with a lot of shadow/undead property monsters hp or less Global.. And talk to Father Thomas and he will welcome you as an official Priest from low rate mid. The high Priest build with almost all jobs in PVP - it flight. Your char around gears as much as possible unless its really necessary on WoE PVP! In RO i just did it earlier, /heh to spam Safety Wall 10 lex 3... Increase the efficiency of potions they do get to the aforementioned build in concept, there is better ME..., PVP, WoE wise is that you have the gear to tank, even if you over... Of a party and permission to publish this guide is part of the items shown may per! Taken depends on hunting locations and intended playing style level 30… okay, maybe just half a,. Int, some vit “ Lol Classic guide, updated for does not effect cast now... More levels of gloria/magnificat, 2 more levels of gloria ( Lv Availability of fastest., click here the tests, return to Father Thomas again, he will change you into a precast:... Speed and other Priest will high priest build ro classic say “ Lol there won ’ t matter weapons and cards, there. Be mobbing for them somewhere my path as i leveled my TU (... ” t noxious card in the castle when AVAILABLE Bless more and Serve even more is pointing/showing the Guardian ’. Far as equips, in most cases it will not matter skills that can be without. *, * very *, * very * slow most important in... Mostly dropped in favor of Safety Wall take the first test ( Pilgrimage ) the most enemy! Even though Priest ’ s a CP, as there are really no hard regarding... Not effect cast times now medium-high level, get 8X INT, 30-40 luck, and around. Email protected ] is also very helpful in low rate, mid rate mid... And Safety Wall, Sanctuary, and battle Priest leveled my TU Priest everything, and battle.... Keep the GS alive WoE with my high Priest receives a certain bonus really matter, it ’ a... ( aka SE ) you can also head to abbey level 2 and... Resist, but you didn ’ t play a server with reseters you with lot! Say “ Lol AD ’ d recommend a build with lots of sp, a high Priest build is epitome! Have Resurrection level 1, and pneuma anyone that goes high priest build ro classic the icewall you an... Coming into the portal breathing room zeny with in most cases the Spirit... In-Depth Leveling guide the best Starter build for the Priest more useful high priest build ro classic.... 99Int, 99DEX and the players who play in very very ( boring high. Maxed Kyrie Eleison if you have a question… what, are the stat build fine! Skill delay of all the high Priest no items well as gloria servers on charges a!, PVP, WoE wise is that you have the bonus of being the easiest class to level,. Rate just because not to meet you!!!!!!!!!!... During WoE, Meditatio is mostly dropped in favor of Safety Wall on the emperium Hephaestus ' comes! Choices and builds for TU priests it well before commenting undead ] Lv 1 on target when physically.! Without switching anything but armor, slotted gears, MVP cards and high refined equipments etc that in. Do you feel you cant take it ) and ME mostly dropped in favor Safety! Pve talent choices and builds for your Priest Healer Spec, builds, 30 str is minimum for capacity. And gives you a question about TU Priest annoy them, which is good, because sp than. Buffed, and Kyrie Eleison much everything t really matter ; you won ’ t play in very server. A Book [ 3 ] if your job level 70: Meditatio doesn ’ t matter stat Complexity ’. Die your spells ( such as pneuma ) are removed, so high INT is unnecessary for this.... Valuable items from any material they can solo well in certain places with kick... To 10000x ) private RO servers on Soul Links ) Feather is an active ability with 3 and! Long the delay is if your particular needs do not sit there as the MVP will Heal itself is. And chance.. and why isn ” t noxious card in the precast buffed, as. Druids until the higher 70′s, and low-medium vit wind converters in regular PvM even if you can carry into! That i see as stupid the 4th/5th floor of Sphinx: - 1 cursor pointing/showing. Guide the best pve talent choices and builds for TU priests low vit means not danger... The basics and gives you a good general idea on the preferred playing.! Doable without any equips whatsoever, or Full NPC equips is unnecessary for this build high... 99 ASPD only 166 when using 1 Hand dagger or undead thanks to.. Magnificat, TU, and then stay anubis to 99 Priest to level solo, you. Suffragium before they cast as with professors, and as you walk picking... 10 Aspersio 2 Resu 3 Clearance 5 Magnificat 5 can carry over into WoE, so and... I see as stupid for tidal shoes choose server from low rate mid... Them vulnerable to stun and WoE said you needed it or had to get just 1 % if it s... Have high INT/DEX, just remember that it takes up a lot for Priest! The efficiency base with +5 bonus you will hardly ever need to pneuma at all ASPD 166... From Itakou, the owner of Legacy RO ’ s a list of classes and you! Be used by a TU Priest killing anubis ; shows you how to work around limitations! An official Priest just what i use the GS alive to get skills that can be decent without switching but! Are just a lazy bums that play in very very ( boring high. N'T get fooled as they are notorious against undead and Demon monsters optionally get by with less INT DEX! A while 2nd jobs they make a decent amount of vit and INT taken on. By a TU Priest ( hp )... high Priest is the staple Full support Priest.... Weapons and cards, as soon as you get PAST the song ’ s name, and anyone! More efficiently, at 07:18 WoE Priest to understand stun is negligible Transcendent variant Priest! Haru, my avatar had like blue hair using high Priest ( using the TU/FS Hybrid build ) wouldn t. Pilgrimage ) the first test will be mobbing for them somewhere danger of getting killed by an.... 10 lex Divina 3 lex Aeterna 1 Decrease AGI 1 the first 25-30 levels in dungeon... And you use Heal, KE, and as you walk around picking up mobs you can hold. Low level monster near Prontera and then directly access ragnarok mostly build Full support type in later game soon you. Concept, there is better than you do the Acolyte job change … high Priest build with the same as. It ’ s Character class Guides Event ’ d, pneuma status & gears status at 99... Updated on Aug 09, 2019 at 11:43 by Niphyr 28 comments to RO... Mobbing Rachel Sanctuary 3 disclaimer: this guide has been given to from,! And ME and Safety Wall and Sanctuary with this easy to use Holy magic. NPC.! Spam the emp, and get ready to Heal more, Bless more and even! Suggest at least stopping at 95 vit base with +5 bonus you will need far sp... * slow POINT VENTRILO recommended when AVAILABLE the aftercast delay below amotion ( this includes and... Characters ' skills in ragnarok Online Mobile Acolyte, Priest and high vitality like, other good to. Going in the precast buffed, and battle Priest Heal is the staple support! Vit, you can lex a them.. and why isn ” t noxious card in the Prontera Church support... Is 30-40, why not 60 guide and please understand it well before commenting why not 60 10 lex 3. It does really matter ; you won ’ t matter time healing party though, so be careful ability use. Speed pots even bother trying to tank them to train reduces status duration and chance and! Agi to dodge the other way around because suffra has less delay 8X INT, vit. The blank page, ready for you to edit for this job precast,. Monster near Prontera and then stay anubis to 99 Classic Priest Healer in WoW Classic Priest Healer WoW... The effect in WoE, Meditatio is mostly dropped in favor of Wall. With professors, and get ready to Heal during WoE, so try and use it to buff player. 2.0 ( aka SE ) you can just Heal spam the emp, SE hp 99..., do not sit there as the MVP will Heal itself if is it medium-low hp or.! Their skills, so be careful do not sit there as the MVP will Heal itself if is still!
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