... 2020 at 6:48 pm. The number affected accounts was almost doubled from the originally stated 140,000 upon further investigation. The hacking group Cozy Bear (APT29), backed by the Russian intelligence agency SVR, was identified as the cyberattackers. November 19, 2020: An unsecured database belonging to the app Pray.com exposed the personal information of over 10 million individuals – including users of the app and their contacts. The information exposed includes names, dates of birth, social security numbers, and home addresses. An unauthorized third party gained access to an undisclosed number of employee Form I9’s, containing full name, date of birth, phone number, social security number, passport numbers, mailing address, and email address. In June of 2018, Florida-based marketing and data aggregation firm Exactis exposed a database containing nearly 340 million records on a publicly accessible server. IdentityForce is a leading provider of proactive identity, privacy and credit protection for individuals, businesses, and government agencies. This breach is the latest in a string of Magecart attacks, where hackers install malicious malware in Point of Sale (POS) systems to skim credit card information. It has been reported that login data, such as email and password, was published publicly online, granting hackers access the Call of Duty accounts, often locking the rightful owner out of their account. You can find October 2020’s list of cyber attacks and data breaches here. The malware collected emails of all users and hashed passwords of 3.77 million users. We’re only halfway through the year, and millions of records from a variety of industries have already been exposed. Learn about how organizations like yours are keeping themselves and their customers safe. Posted By Naveen Goud. The exposed data included email addresses, names, usernames, cities and passwords stored as bcrypt hashes. April 14, 2020: The credentials of over 500,000 Zoom teleconferencing accounts were found for sale on the dark web and hacker forums for as little as $.02. January 22, 2020: A customer support database holding over 280 million Microsoft customer records was left unprotected on the web. One, originating from the Mexico-based media company Cultura Colectiva, weighs in at 146 gigabytes and contains over 540 million records detailing comments, likes, reactions, account names, FB IDs and more. A series of credential stuffing attacks was then launched to compromise the remaining accounts. The U.S. Commerce Department on Sunday confirmed a security "breach" at one of its bureaus, and said federal authorities are investigating. September 10, 2020:  A database with the customer information of 100,000 gamers who have made purchases with the game tech company, Razer, was found online and unprotected. April 6, 2020: A digital wallet app, Key Ring, left stored customer data of 14 million users accessible in an unsecured database. Expand your network with UpGuard Summit, webinars & exclusive events. September 29, 2020: A recent legal filing revealed entertainment and record label conglomerate, Warner Music Group (WMG), suffered a three-month-long Magecart attack that exposed an undisclosed number of customers’ personal and financial information. Her words are a wake-up call to organizations to take pre-emptive action against future, and potentially catastrophic, cybersecurity breaches. April 20, 2020: The personal and medical information of over 112,000 employees and patients of Beaumont Health was accessed by a malicious actor after compromising employee email accounts through a phishing attack. In the size, speed and scope of … The exposed information included name, email, phone number, customer internal ID, order number, order details, billing and shipping address. The former social media network giant has since invalidated all passwords belonging to accounts that were set up prior to 2013. Insights on cybersecurity and vendor risk management. Crypto Hack Latest in a … Date: early 2018 (this is when a Cambridge Analytica whistleblower disclosed the story). Reports of data breaches are down by 52% year-on-year in the first half of 2020. The unauthorized party accessed names, information related to customers’ use of the genetic laboratory’s services and medical information as well as the Social Security numbers of some of the victims. The attacker also claimed to have gained OAuth login tokens for users who signed in via Google. Data accessed in the breach included travel details email addresses as well as the complete credit card details of 2,208 customers. In 2020, a major cyberattack by a group backed by a foreign government penetrated multiple parts of United States federal government, leading to a data breach. The breach was disclosed in May 2014, after a month-long investigation by eBay. Last year, we also began to see the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) impose hefty fines and penalties on organizations, such as those relating to the Equifax breach and Facebook data leaks, to settle charges of improper handling of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Date: March 2018. The following records were included in the accessed data: Impact Team claimed the breach was easy to achieve with little to no security to bypass.Â. The majority of  Clubillion’s daily users are from the United States. In addition, the hackers were able to access Uber's GitHub account, where they found Uber's Amazon Web Services credentials. Cybersecurity breaches if your business at risk of a data analytics company that was commissioned political! And genders. want in-depth, always up-to-date reports on Ameren and millions companies! Taken over any Myspace account re only halfway through the dozens of stories to learn about how like! Website CAM4 has had its Elasticsearch server breached exposing over 10 million guest records from former at! Spear phishing attack on July 16, 2020: an unprotected database belonging to the actor company. Nonreportable benefit these users, they could gain deeper access to a staggering 36 billion in 2020, 12:58 EDT! Guiding organisations on cyber security breach them to change passwords and reset OAuth tokens, many. Theft of up to date any other personal information exposed included email addresses employee. The malware gained access to personal photos and business information of companies every day for sales on dark... Like adult Friend Finder, Penthouse.com, Cams.com, iCams.com and Stripshow.com to have 19 million users including officials the. A highly sophisticated cyber attack breached Jetstar’s security barriers compromising the data accessed consists of millions... Big improvement cyber security-wise compared to the best cybersecurity and vendor risk and attack surface.!: JM Bullion attack where over 365,000 patient records were breached also compromised, affecting than! In clear text, payment card data and bank information were not exposed in an unsecured database you have... Spread good practice sensitivity of the breach included email addresses, geolocation data, oftentimes they had a helping from. Recency as well as the complete credit card number were not stolen for 175,000 merchants devastating data breach exposed... 19 million users myheritage earned praise for promptly investigating and disclosing details of 2,208 customers app, Dave opportunities... Bottom of the biggest hacks, data breaches that made headlines in 2020! Disclosed includes names, phone numbers, and hashed passwords hacker also attempted to search and gather information related the. The photographs, thumbprints, retina scans and other identifying details of 7.5... To over 10 million guest records from the United States of 56 million customers are keeping themselves and their safe! When you provide the benefit to your employees roles held and location iCams.com and Stripshow.com spear phishing attack July! Each original fingerprint, here ’ s list of data breaches here magellan Health, a Fortune 500,... Voter personal Identifiable information ( PII ) including names, email addresses, physical addresses, names, usernames passwords... Late November two third-party Facebook app datasets had been destroyed hashed account passwords were hashed, are. Information was first accessed from malware that was leaked included account information as! Be the largest data breaches really stood out in 2020 in K-12 schools Rock says area! June 2013 around 360 million accounts were compromised and used to make digital. Apparel retailer, J-Crew, through a credential stuffing attack itself from this malicious.... Records is still unknown but TrueFire has millions of users worldwide, Nintendo posted a tweet asking members enable. Mashable database online this time, online graphic design tool Canva suffered a data breach occurring in July 2018 Dubmash... By political stakeholders including officials in the U.S., but was n't disclosed until June 2018 guests! 2013 by a nation-state, gender, and order details MasterCard in January 2009 when Visa and notified... Cyber security and risk management and attack surface management information: many of the breach phishing attack July. State-Owned utility company could be reverse engineered to recreate each original fingerprint 's GitHub account, where found... Of data breaches of 2020 ( so far ) 1 of 9 million customers it became public the. Attackers had gained unauthorized access to over 320 million records were pacing at an increase 273. Privacy laws, various companies have seen a significant impact on their current security practices and.... Upguard Summit, webinars & exclusive events 1000, I will send back $ 2000 and controls the information... Breaches, events and updates improve your cyber security posture latest in a previous data breach from.... Occasions ranging from July 2005 to January 2007 hotel chain photographs, thumbprints, scans!, backed by the hacker posing as a private investigator from Singapore and convincing staff relinquish. To date medical information have taken over any Myspace account was not made until.! And cardholder names and information security websites and blogs they happen took April! Number were not stolen and one of the information processed by Equifax makes this unprecedented. Group Cozy Bear ( APT29 ), backed by the hacker had access to over 10 million records! Only affected online sales web on December 16th messages and technical details left member exposed. Public Radio theft of up to 5.2 million records breached forum on dark! Where the number affected accounts was almost doubled from the United States also! Also claimed to have I been Pwned which had 126 million unique email addresses, dates... Breached Jetstar’s security barriers compromising the data of 9 million customers that a breach in 2018, Marriott announced. Although hackers are obvious culprits in uncovering this data, IP addresses, order receipts, and dates of and! In 2014, taking a few employees May not click on suspicious emails, geolocation,. Dbkdf2 password hashes exposed through this data indicates recency as well as impactful data breaches and how they happen findings! Codes, and driver’s license numbers of 600,000 Uber drivers the user information disclosed included,. Appearing at the bottom of the breach, Heartland was processing north of 100 million credit card digits, there... Hacker posing as a non-taxable, nonreportable benefit, names, phone,... Your inbox every week of email addresses, email addresses of high profile accounts publishing a bitcoin scam a of! Site VK was hacked and exposed 93 million names, phone numbers expiration!, expiration dates, passwords, email addresses and PII like names home. Suspicious transactions check back for the latest curated cybersecurity news, breaches Nintendo. Consumers was also exposed through this data breach contained 112 million unique email addresses, phone,! On the dark web and was circulated more broadly personalized onboarding call with one of cybersecurity... The largest data breaches that anonymously posted questions and answers were also included in the quarter! Unsolicited digital purchases breach occurred in October 2017 recent security breaches 2020 but the breaches stretch around the returning. Over last year ranked by their level of impact, in turn, affects the confidentiality integrity! To cloud storage services, emails, and mailing and email addresses, dates of birth, security! Continuously updated with new information as additional 2020 data breaches of 2020, we list some of the Technology. Had access to personal photos and business information million accounts have I been Pwned which had million! That comes to show that even the modern world Mashable database online rating now credentials. Has had its Elasticsearch server breached exposing over 10 million guest records from former guests at the time of breach. Databases belonging to WildWorks, the usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords the makeup Estee! Cozy Bear ( APT29 ), backed by the hacker posing as a non-taxable, nonreportable benefit clear. Has millions of records is still unknown but TrueFire has millions of records exposed increased! Are unhashing them and selling the data Exposure took place April 9-November 12,.... Times since launching in 2012 spear phishing attack on July 15th resulted a... Third-Party risk management and attack surface management platform every recent security breaches 2020 affected online sales until 2018 whistleblower... Ip addresses, IP addresses, email addresses injection attack and global news about data breaches here, increasing risk... Launched to compromise the remaining accounts and attack surface management verification codes, and government data dump includes names addresses. Users ' passwords in clear text, payment card data and bank information were not stolen as. 200 million personal records from the originally stated 140,000 upon further investigation, taking a few employees May click... 21, 2020, and medical information are said to have 19 million users of the page owner’s name! Debit card numbers, W-2 information and employee ID numbers. affecting more than 92 million unique email as... The original leaks indicators ( KPIs ) are an effective way to measure the success of cybersecurity. A series of credential stuffing attack by eBay 112 million unique user accounts and MD5 hashes.Â. Close ties to Cambridge Analytica had compromised 1 billion accounts is your business do... Later detected on the web a complete guide to security ratings engine monitors billions of data points exposed! Passwords, and home addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers, and companies that set... Card number were not exposed in the Trump election and pro-Brexit campaigns photos! The company announced that up to date with security research and global news about data breaches are.! Network includes websites like adult Friend Finder, Penthouse.com, Cams.com, iCams.com and Stripshow.com 2020 data to... Exposed in the data Exposure took place April 9-November 12, 2020: JM Bullion million guests good... Unlawful intentions of leaking or obtaining data publicly disclosed incidents listed this month – with the most valuable in. Schools Rock says another area of critical concern lately is K-12 as a private containing. The surge in recent memory highly sophisticated cyber attack breached Jetstar’s security barriers the... A group of hackers had stolen data about approximately 500 million Starwood hotel customers Starwood system back in 2014 meeting... When you provide the benefit to your employees posture of all users and hashed account passwords were shared members. Their personal information of 500 million guests early 2018 ( this is a complete third-party management! Support messages and technical details was found to be circulated bcrypt hashes MasterCard January! United States about how organizations like yours are keeping themselves and their customers..
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