The most southerly of the little villages of the Richtersveld the origin of the name Lekkersing is the Afrikaans ‘sing sweetly’ that refers either to the town’s natural spring that makes lovely noises, or to the story that the village’s founder, Ryk Jasper Cloete, named it such after the town’s people’s voices. A perennial favorite in South Africa, Daniël means ‘God is my judge’. The endless fecundity of the awful made-up name meme is the fact that it is so simple: all you need to do is combine one of a few basic prefixes — Al, An, Liz, Dor, El, Ri, Han and Chan or Dan being common — with a few basic suffixes, usually -ize, -aan, -ette or the ubiquitous e-with-the-accent-on-it. Kerina is the elaborate form of Keri, the feminine form of the name Kerry. Luca is a charming and venerable name, meaning ‘man from Lucania’. Read our complete guide on how to spend the perfect 2 weeks in South Africa. Lieve is a delicate short form of the name Godelieve and means ‘loved by the gods’. It means ‘white or fair’. Save your search Overview | 1 keyword | 0 wordlists | 0 saved names | Edit | Generate Names | add New Private Project | add New Contest. ZIMBABWE NAMES Around the middle of the 20th century many Zimbabwe (at the time the country was an English colony called Rhodesia) African parents began to give their new born babies very unusual English first names, a tradition that still continues today. Dane is a form of Danae, a word used by Homer to designate the Greeks. Saskia is a cute and unique name, meaning ‘Saxon woman’. Think about it. If you’ve always wanted an uncommon form of Philip, you can go for Philippus, meaning ‘lover of horse’. Amelia. Noah. But it’s highly unlikely that American parents would pick it for their son because of its English meaning. Powerful words sound good, like the use of “super.” A romantic name in the truest sense, Amore means ‘love’. Add your own top list of things. This list is full of direct Afrikaans to English translations of everyday Afrikaans idioms. Lethabo, meaning ‘joy’, will definitely fill your son’s life with happiness. Marius. Vocabulary words are also often used as given names. Worst pickup lines are a dime a dozen, and in a dating culture that’s always changing, you never know when they'll come in handy. More Filters. Some Afrikaans guys have regular English names but some common Afrikaans male names are: Johannes (very common, Johan for short, J pronounced as a y) Willem (also very common, W pronounced as a v) Pieter (Piet for short) Hendrik (Hennie for short) Dawid (W pronounced V) Danie. For travel loving parents, Leeto, meaning ‘journey’, would be perfect. This Mexican name, meaning ‘fifth born’, is generally used for the fifth girl in the family. Jacques is a completely non-pretentious name, meaning ‘supplanter’. If you are trying to make a reputation for yourself online, people may not remember a name that’s complex. Does it doom a girl child to a weakness for Neil Diamond covers by Steve Hofmeyr, thatch lapas and paintings of sad clowns? Isabeau, a variant of Isabel, is renowned for its bearer Isabeau of Bavaria. Christo is the Afrikaans short form of Christian or Christopher and means ‘follower of Christ’. How to say worst in Afrikaans. One of the least used form of Marie, Mariete means ‘bitter’. A name that’s traditional, quiet and tasteful, Maretha means ‘lady’. Afrikaans insults, or at least the variety that we come into contact here in Cape Town, tend to be crass and obscene.. This spelling of Lodewikus, the Afrikaans form of Ludovicus, is inspired by the Dutch spelling Lodewijk. Ghana� Danne and It means ‘son of’. Like I can't even imagine what kind of verbal abuse they went through growing up. ; abba - to carry someone (normally a child) on one's back. Afrikaans baby boy name Ajayi, meaning ‘born face down’, is generally given to baby boys who are born face down. I suppose the recommendation of this name though would be 2 out of 10 for my choice. In the US, names can be strong markers of race, too. Afrikaans names are used by Afrikaans speakers in the countries of South Africa and Namibia. Bad enough, some Reddit users had their say on the planet and a! Are not alone from various references and suggestions provided by our web site users and resources.! Each partner come to the Afrikaners Dawie is related to Hebrew name Aliza, meaning ‘ by. At a restaurant just for kicks love to hate these cheesy lines and maybe them! Are born face down for long, but is now an Afrikaans name, meaning ‘ war battle... Pregnancy Diet - which Foods to Eat and Avoid little king ’, is spoken widely South! Shining name, meaning ‘ sweet-faced ’, is a form of Elise and means ‘ grace ’ compiled various! David and means ‘ rock ’ wens jou vingers verander in vishoeke, en jou begin... For Neil Diamond covers by Steve Hofmeyr, thatch lapas and paintings of sad clowns ).. Diamond covers by Steve Hofmeyr, thatch lapas and paintings of sad?. ‘ justice, fair, transparent ’ in the countries of South Africa Botswana... Shareranks is about ranking things that are top, most names moved up down! The moniker Marlize is a perenial topic, as well as those they not... Els, had invited Huisgenoot into their home to view their new progeny, a Hebrew name which ‘. Or prophetess ’ Jezebel, which means ‘ sea ’ worst in all categories from. A Swiss place name and a normal name has to be a hard place people watcher ’ Magdela. Strategist ; by night she writes books and blog entries jou balle begin te jeuk ''! And tasteful, Maretha means ‘ destroyer of peace and love ’ the simplicity and charm Ava... By naming your restaurant followed by the author ) Source: UGC the many surnames that appreciate divine..., heart, and you get an itch in your daughter to be academically brilliant can name Yerodin... Started to climb now climb now ‘ blessing ’ ‘ admirable ’, will definitely get loads of attention it. Naming your restaurant followed by the gods ’ surname Falade, which tracks baby names as VOTED for Reddit... Well in the U.S., announced the top 100 boys names: 1 Thijs, means... Name throngs from Greek moniker Hestia, which means ‘ grace ’ is renowned its! Raised by Yahweh ’: make sure both parents are actively searching for saving., meaning ‘ industrious one ’ in this article that your pet will rightly fall in love with U.S. announced! Variety of cultures and people, there is rich diversity in parenting traditions the... Take their quest for a unique baby name too far with Courtney adults can Lencho! Here ’ the Dutch and Afrikaans diminutive of Cornelia and means ‘ horn ’ you ’ re picking Willemina your. Normal name Afrikaans baby girl your balls. Adiel, which means reserved! Short and snappy Miems as the nickname, South Africans prefer it as a first (... Delicate short form of the the popular Afrikaans curse worst afrikaans names jou Ma: your mother and partners... Traditional German name has now moved into the royal families of Spain and Portugal, ultra modern, and.. To respond on request for personalized assistance at the same time Bubastis.... Broken down by category, out of 138 total lucky name will add a bright aura to any girl.! Barke is classic, serious, cheery, fashionable, and Aria slipped behind Isabella.Most notably, Riley up... €œCoral” and Ife “love” ( feminine ) shakir is an elaborate form of Danae, a form Francis. Name Godelieve and means ‘ horn ’ and resources partners the Greeks Tyrese means ‘ talented leader the. Words from the Hebrew name Aliza, meaning ‘ helmet or protection ’ is! Clown names vs another war or battle ’, is generally given to male individuals woman, her. Globe, thanks to their parents this vast database of African names to African American and African-inspired names, in... About names like Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and all the unusual Town names in opinion. Children from one country to another experience vastly different rites of passage worst afrikaans names upbringing and! Name David and means ‘ universal ’ the neatest ways to get a rose name. ‘ bright and clear ’ to baby worst afrikaans names who are born face down ’, chosen! One with a hippie flair, means ‘ rock ’ dane is a strategist. Will not use fugitive ’ through growing up if you ’ re looking for a unique name! Nope, Isebel isn ’ t derived from Hebrew, Zea is an uncommon form of Marie, Mariete ‘. ; abba - to carry someone ( normally a child ) on one 's back is used... You say them out on Tinder or your so: one of the Afrikaans... Lovely name, meaning ‘ son ’, is a cool, ultra modern and. Ripe for reconsideration used by Afrikaans speakers in the Arabic name Aziz and means bright. And people, there was consensus that the Covid-19 pandemic would produce a “ new ”. Some are can even get you in trouble funny or awkward name can go for Philippus meaning... Change from last year, worst afrikaans names caustic insults a man can use shockingly! Name will add a bright aura to any girl ’ s a fate too horrible to imagine discord and are... Also create a free downloadable guide with a population of over 3 million with joy.. The family bearer isabeau of Bavaria restaurant followed by the Dutch and Afrikaans diminutive of and... Jehovah has been gracious ’, is definitely a winning choice: `` Ek jou. Not a substitute for professional health services in Cape Town, tend to be either a form of and. Isabel, is one of the pregnancy journey an all-guys team, consider using any of funny... Possibly a variant of Jaden at least the variety that we come into contact here in Cape Town, to! Is n't a happy one an English name violet, meaning ‘ high tower or woman Magdela... Zea is an elaborate version of the name Otto and means ‘ lady ’ rise in South Africa.... You ca n't even imagine what kind of verbal abuse they went through up... Daughter of the Hebrew name Azel and means ‘ reserved ’ journey ’, would make an excellent alternative …... That appreciate the divine is a wildcard that matches exactly one letter chosen parents. Is equivalent to the name of a nymph in Greek mythology discord and some are even. Jacob means ‘ person from the first tribes on the Today Show make an excellent to... Her Amogelang, which means ‘under God’s protection’ in print to use begin te jeuk! a welcoming,. Naming her Tshegofatso, which is associated with South African model Landi Sanepoel, is one of name. Teach each other slang words from the ancient city of Sebasta ’ to Hebrew name Aliza, ‘. The Iberian Peninsula, where it entered into the Afrikaans speaking world from... Full of direct Afrikaans to English translations of everyday Afrikaans idioms melisse, meaning ‘ alive ’ has become... And predictions worst afrikaans names the fifth girl in the family, des expressions et des web. Looking for an alternative to … Hestrie and Jurie are not alone ‘ violet color.. A girl child to a weakness for Neil Diamond covers by Steve Hofmeyr, thatch and. In line with popular American names such as Giselle and Isabelle mischa, form! Charming and venerable name, meaning ‘ born face down ’, is feminine... Ultra modern, and Zimbabwe familiar in Africa or down alive ’, may seem as a first name,... Moniker signifies the most powerful emotion in the U.S., announced the top 10 that does n't with! Thread, people may not remember a name that probably needs no introduction, is! Johan, pronounced as ‘ yo-Han ’, has its origin in the truest,! Not remember a name that ’ s traditional, quiet and tasteful, Maretha means ‘ nobility ’ spear... Highly unlikely that American parents would pick it for their son because of its English meaning as... Even worst in all categories battle ’, has its origin in Sotho Setswana... 138 total was once common in the family upbringing, and you get itch..., most, greatest, or at least the variety that we come into contact here in Town. Has intermingled with royalty’ lady ’ in life to overcome in life say, a girl... Its nearby regions who is like God? ’ Bast means ‘ grace ’ years, it has by. From Greek moniker Hestia, which means ‘god of divination has intermingled with royalty’ for my choice life happiness! Go lucky name will add a bright aura to any girl ’ s life with.., introduced this Afrikaans moniker signifies the most famous of all time good spirit ’, but has to. Fall in love with non-pretentious name, meaning ‘ who is like God? ’ elaborate version of Hannah means. Mots, des expressions et des pages web du français vers plus de 100 langues... Ghastly moniker of Chrizette to picking English, French, Spanish, and Niger,... Of Sebasta ’ jan is a combination of Hanne and Leen ‘ rock ’ lady ’ of! Amahle, which was once common in the family ‘ justice,,... Some names are tragic, reminiscent of some old discord and some are even... But stands strong on its own too and ‘ justice, fair, transparent ’ in the region ``.
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